Ath3na is a video chat platform that measures what you say—and how you say it.

April 10, 2022

Ath3na is a new and exciting video chat platform. Building better awareness of our feelings gives us the power to influence outcomes, become better decision-makers, and speak with more self-confidence. As a result, we communicate with more clarity and power.

Our simple interface and wide range of features makes it easy to use—even for novice participants. Join the thousands of companies already integrating Ath3na into their communications systems and customer care teams.

We built on top of Zoom to provide video conference calls with up to 40 participants. With easy-to-use call scheduling, an integrated dashboard, and cross platform support, video conferencing has never been easier.

Access powerful features such as weekly email updates, calendar integrations, a public chat room, community engagement features, and a dashboard for full control over all your accounts in one place.

From the number of participants to the number of features, Ath3na is a Video Conference platform that lets you handle everything in one place. With integrated call scheduling, cross platform support, and calendar integrations, it’s easier than ever to keep improving how you speak to customers.