Protecting your data and ensuring Your privacy
Ath3na keeps privacy and security top of mind for all end users. That's why we've integrated protocols that meet the highest industry standards.
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Own and manage your own Data
Ubiquitous Encryption with AWS
Protecting your session content by encrypting the session’s video, audio, and screen sharing. This content is protected with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 using a one-time key for that specific session.
Cloud Recording Storage
‍Cloud Recordings are processed and stored in Ath3na’s cloud after the meeting has ended and fully encrypted.
Cloud recording access
Only the people attending the session can access the cloud recording. Protecting your data end-to-end.
Compliance and Privacy Certifications
We are recognized by industry and security organizations for excellence.
Privacy and Protection
Ath3na offers a range of authentication methods such as SAML, Google Sign-in and Facebook Login, and/or Password based which can be individually enabled/disabled for an account.
2-Factor Authentication
Admins can enable 2FA for your users, requiring them to set up and use 2FA to access the Ath3na web portal.
Own and Manage Your Own Data
Before you join a meeting, you can preview your video or decide to join without video.
Ensuring security
Meeting participants’ basic technical information
(Such as the user’s IP address, OS details, and device details) is collected for troubleshooting and admin reporting.
Ath3na stores basic information
Under user account profile information including: Email address, user password - salted, hashed, first and last name. Company name, phone number, and a profile picture are all optional to provide.