Driving Your Leadership Development with Data

April 7, 2022

Since before recorded time, people who could master their own minds and bodies—really meld their health and vitality together with self-mastery and insight into the workings of their own and others’ minds—were able to succeed in making contributions which helped to lift themselves and civilization upward. This ability was called an art, because our understanding of this process had always been a bit fuzzy. Ath3na brings science into this process. Socrates is no longer around to help you better “know thyself,” but Ath3na is bringing to your service the power of quantified communication technology

     Ath3na Insights Video Chat is a video chat platform that measures what you say—and how you say it. Using the power of AI, Ath3na quantifies your communication, so that our system can give you feedback with which to identify strengths and weaknesses. Experienced leaders know that often the most important part of communication is not what you say, but how you say it.

     For example, you may assert an idea, but unconsciously your body language may indicate that you are uncertain of what you are saying. Or, you may say something so quickly or angrily that your interlocutor only picks up on your emotional state and not on your idea. We uniquely offer Emotional Language Processing technology to give you feedback on your communication. By making the unconscious, conscious, we help you to master your own mind and emotions—thereby enabling you to overcome impediments to your success.